Cheryl Decinces Carter

    Cheryl DeCinces Carter Cheryl DeCinces Carter, a California native, was born in Los Angeles and has resided in the Bay Area for over three decades. Primarily a painter of abstract canvases, she studied photography and painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. The artist began her painting journey in the style of photorealism, eventually turning to non-representational painting as a more direct way to impart emotional and spiritual notions. She was strongly influenced and mentored by master painter Arnold Mesches at the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles and primarily identifies with the LA abstract movement. Carter especially enjoys experimenting with the monotype process, discovering new forms and ideas on paper.

    Carter has participated in multiple museum shows, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Artist’s Gallery. She has exhibited internationally; most recently, her work has been shown in Japan and is on permanent display at the Royal Thailand National Museum. Her canvases and paper pieces are in numerous private and corporate collections.

    Carter prefers not to describe the work, allowing viewers to come up with their own impression and conclusion. For more information on the paintings, please contact

    Thalassa - Carter
    oil on canvas
    48 by 36 inches
    Palisades - Carter
    oil on canvas
    72 x 48 inches
    AZ Tech 5 - Carter
    AZ Tech 5
    oil on canvas
    48 x 48 inches