Jimi Gleason

    Jimi Gleason has been exhibiting bold, reductive abstract pieces since the mid-80’s and has changed the face of contemporary minimalism. Each work reveals a high level of technical precision. He meticulously drags numerous gossamer layers of pearlescent acrylic paint down and across the canvas. Colors, textures, tones and subtleties emerge, meld and shift as light and viewer perspective change. Each painting is never the same from one moment to another. The effect is enigmatic, ethereal and emotionally resonant. The artist feels that his paintings are physical responses to motion, that each is “a frozen moment for those who wish to ponder the visual riddle I offer them.” Jimi Gleason was raised near Newport Beach, California, and received his BA from the University of California at Berkeley in 1985. He then spent a brief period of study at the San Francisco Art Institute. Following an extended period in New York City, he returned to California and soon met Ed Moses, with whom he has worked as a studio assistant for nearly seven years. Now shown in group and solo exhibitions nationwide, his own work can be found in a large and growing number of public and private collections.  
    Iridescent Vanguard
    Acrylic on Canvas